Tie and Ribbons sets

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A beautiful selection of Girls Tie and Ribbons showing sets in Red or Navy Blue Satin with a variety of embellishments.  Some sets have spring clips on the ribbons, others elastic, all Neck ties are fitted with elastic for safety.

Red White Blue with stars - ribbons have spring clip

Burgundy - Double - bow with gold flecks gold trimmed tail Ribbons have elastic fastening

Burgundy Double - bow with gold flecks, plain burgundy tail, Ribbons have elastic fastening

Red tartan and red double bow, with white and gold centre trim, Ribbons have elastic fastening

Navy Triple - Navy/Red.White - Ribbons have Spring Clip

Navy Red White Double  - Ribbons have Spring Clips

Navy Gold trim - Navy/Gold. Ribbons have clip fastening

Navy Silver double - Navy Silver Tails with ribbons have clip fasterning