Leistner Luxury Brushes - Polished Ponies Ltd

William Leistner are a traditional 4th generation family run, business. Founded in 1882, we have been producing brushes for animal care. and in particular, our company has specialised in producing grooming brushes for horse care.

The result is an extensive collection, ranging from luxurious grooming brushes with thick goat hair on pearwood bodies to small hoof brushes.

The company Leistner is a manufacturer of William Leistner horse grooming brushes for equine care. Our brushes for horses have been produced in a unique variety of the best materials for many decades. The appearance and colour of wood, bristles and straps are exactly matched.

In own production we use a variety of materials:

  • 86 different wooden backs
    • beech wood
    • cherry wood 
      coloured or clear lacquered, raw or waxed 
      The brush bodies not only have a beautiful grained pattern, but they are also perfectly shaped to fit in to the hand and give a comfortable feeling even at low temperatures and wet weather.
    • Often plastic is generally believed to be more hygienic, but exactly the opposite is the case!  Wood, in contrast to synthetic materials has an antibacterial effect, as studies of the Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry in Braunschweig have shown.
  • 80 different (in type and length) bristles, hair and fibre materials
    • pig bristles in two hardness degrees
    • wild boar bristles
    • horsehair
    • goat hair
    • cocos fibre
    • natural fibres: 100 % stiff Union mixture or softer Fibre
    • crimped brass wire 
      For natural products we process 100% pure natural bristles or 100% pure horsehair. The bristles are long and dense. This guarantees the best cleaning results and creates shine to the coat with gentle, skin-friendly care, as well as giving high durability and longevity of our grooming brushes. 
    • Our bristles have quality of "90 Tops“. This means, at least 90 of 100 bristles have the whole length.
    • mixed bristles (cheaper but also good quality - see down below)
  • 45 different (smooth, waved, colours, diameter) PPN bristles
  • special angular bristles for our wonderbrushes and our wonderbrooms
  • Handles are made of:
    • genuine leather (vegetable tanned) 39 different pc.
    • rubber and nylon 34 different 
      They are hand nailed on to the wooden bodies. If necessary, you can shorten the straps yourself.

Daily grooming of your horse

Shouldn't be viewed as just cleaning the coat, as it intensifies the bond between horse and rider. The horses feel it as a pleasant massage and you can escape from the everyday stress of daily life. Moreover it provides the rider with time to note changes of the coat/skin or signs of illness which can be treated immediately.

Whether before or after riding or for general grooming Leistner meets all needs with over 180 different horse brushes

Advantages of Leistner brushes

 The quality of a product is only as good as it‘s materials used.Therefore we only use carefully processed wood from European forests which is substainably managed. All grooming brushes, apart from one type of wash brushes, are made from natural wood. The wood is available in brown grained, clear or colour lacquered or a natural finish. In our organic series, they are treated with beeswax. Our synthetic bristles are made from PPN, they are of very high quality and stay in shape.