Leistner Luxury Brushes

William Leistner are a traditional 4th generation family run, business. Founded in 1882, we have been producing brushes for animal care. our company has specialised in producing grooming brushes for horse care.

The result is an extensive collection, ranging from luxurious grooming brushes with thick goat hair on pearwood bodies to small hoof brushes.

We produce quality brushes using a variety of materials:

Daily grooming of your horse

Shouldn't be viewed as just cleaning the coat, as it intensifies the bond between horse and rider. The horses feel it as a pleasant massage and you can escape from the everyday stress of daily life. Moreover it provides the rider with time to note changes of the coat/skin or signs of illness.

Whether before or after riding or for general grooming Leistner meets all needs with over 180 different horse brushes.

 The quality of a product is only as good as it‘s materials used.


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