Leistner Luxury Brush Set for Grey and Coloured Horses

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Grey/Coloured Pack



Our amazing grey/coloured pack comes with dirt busting brushes, specifically tailored to lift dirt on white coats and provide a deep clean and polish for your horse or pony.


The first brush, the Schimmel, which translates to white horse in German, will easily lift and remove stains from light coated horses as well as grease and grime from the skin of the horse. Made with 100% pure coconut fibres.


Your second brush, Nature is an elegant brush with a 100% horsehair and coco fibre inner, followed by a high double edged outer made from 100% pig bristles. Designed to give you the ability to remove any final stains from the surface of the coat and that final sweeping from the outer edge to capture all particles from your horses coat.


The third brush, Shiny does exactly as it says. With a stunning unique two tone pure horsehair bristle. The Shiny has a longer dense bristle to help remove any dust and bring your horse's coat up glossy and shiny, helping to disperse the horse's natural essential oils to give that deep natural shine!


Your fourth and final brush, The Ultimate, is your go to brush for your final show ring touch ups it removes hay and dust before entering the ring. With its luxurious 100% goat hair inner and 100% horsehair outer, this brush will give long lasting amazing shine. Perfect for carrying in your show ring basket!