Leistner Edelweiss

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  • 100 % horsehair
  • bristle hardness: medium-soft
  • size c: 7.48 x 3.35 inches

The horse grooming brush »Edelweiss« combines an excellent cleaning result with a pleasant massage experience for the horse.

The best quality horsehair from the horse tail also removes the very last dustkorn and thus creates a wonderful shine in the coat.

Due to the use of natural materials, the horse`s coat is also perfectly maintained, as these guarantee a moisturizing effect and do not generate electrostatic charge.

The densely processed horsehair has a length of 0.79 inch.

The brush »Edelweiss« has the perfect size for a narrower to average sized ladies` hand. The production from black lacquered PEFC-certified beech wood also promises an antibacterial effect and a pleasant feeling in the hand, even in very cool temperatures.

The high-quality leather strap with precious Edelweiss application is nailed by hand and can be shortened in length. The top of the strap is made of soft chamois leather and the bottom of soft elk leather.