Leistner Coarse scrubbing brush

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Coarse scrubbing brush« small

  • 100 % natural fibers Union
  • bristle hardness: extra hard
  • size i: 6.93 x 2.21 inches
  • lies well in the hand and brings the dirt out of the coat, stable bristles, but still relatively gentle on the coat
  • Brush for hoof cleaning before and after riding
  • very good for removing coarse dirt or sweat
  • is also well accepted by my rather sensitive horse
  • the dust can also be brushed away well
  • especially at this time of year (winter), when the fur is very long and thick, the mud can be brushed out quickly
  • just right for dirt-encrusted legs. Due to the hardness of the bristles, you don`t really have to exert yourself.
  • dried mud, dirt, sweat ... Everything is removed easily and quickly.

The use of natural materials protects the skin and coat and does not generate any electrostatic shock

The extra taut natural fibers have a length of 1.18 inches.

The Coarse scrubbing brush  is a particularly handy boat shape,  perfectly sized for larger girl`s hands up to man`s hands. The production made of environmentally friendly water-lacquered beech wood from the Thuringian Forest and the Steigerwald also promises an antibacterial effect and a pleasant feeling in the hand, even at very cold temperatures.

An absolutely high-quality and durable quality is the trademark of our products.

Made in Germany