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Advanced antibacterial ointment for mud & wet related scab problems
  • Totally Unique with Guaranteed Results!
  • Quick, Easy & Pleasant to use and Natural 
  • Painlessly & Quickly softens and removes scabs 
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
  • Soothes sore areas on heels and body 
  • Works even when your horse is turned out
Highly effective and proven natural ointment which quickly and painlessly removes mud and rain scabs. Also offers natural antibacterial protection against further problems of rain and mud without affecting healthy skin. 

benefits of Aromaheel mud & wet Ointment?

  • Painlessly & Quickly softens and removes scabs from the heels and body
    Softens scabs within days & will painlessly wipe away
  • Antibacterial & Antifungal
    High quality 100% pure essential oils & herbal extracts hand selected for their antibacterial and antifungal properties will help protect your horse against the harmful effects of the wet & mud & keep your horse scab free!
  • Soothes sore areas  
    Powerful but gentle, soothing sore & broken skin 
  • Helps the natural healing process of healthy skin behind the scab
    Our product not only gets on top of the mud scabs but also helps to repair the damaged skin behind the scab
  • Works even when your horse is turned out
    Aromaheel is a 100% barrier product, you do not need to keep your horse in whilst using it. Nor do you need to wash it off, in fact we advise against washing as much as possible.
  • Quick, Easy & Pleasant to use and Natural
    Results usually within days, easy to apply and horses usually find it very soothing when applied to sore skin.

What Is Aromaheel mud & wet Ointment For?

Aromaheel is proven to protect your horse against the harmful effects of the wet and mud, even with prolonged exposure. No more picking at scabs - with Aromaheel, they soften and drop off after a couple of days, allowing the bacterial ointment to reach the skin. The Aromaheel then soothes the sore skin, and the extraordinary natural properties of the essential oils, safely and effectively encourage natural regeneration of healthy tissue, and promote rapid hair regrowth.

Aromaheel is a thick ointment, which keeps the skin supple, and provides an effective barrier against the wet and mud, which means that your horse does not need to be kept in, and can continue to be turned out if required.

Even horses who have previously objected to their heels being treated with other products, soon appreciate the soothing properties of the Aromaheel, which makes scab-removal less painful for your horse and a lot easier for you!

If you are looking for a preventative against mud problems, we would recommend our ‘Aroma-mud barrier PLUS’.