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Outstanding antibacterial protection for horses prone to mud scabs 
  • Double Protection – Barrier PLUS antibacterial protection
  • Supports skins natural oils & defences
  • Natural, powerful but gentle
  • Peace of mind protection whilst turned out
  • Easy & Pleasant to use
  • Can be used in conjunction with Aromaheel
A fantastic 3-in-1 protective antibacterial barrier product of the same quality as Aromaheel, but for use as a preventative. Aroma-Mud is much MORE than a barrier - providing excellent waterproofing protection PLUS pure essential oils, specifically chosen for their antibacterial and soothing properties. This potent combination equips your horses with the ultimate in protection in extreme sodden conditions.

What are the benefits of Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus?

  • Natural protection against the wet & mud
    Weatherproofing protection with 100% pure essential oils chosen specially for their antibacterial properties 
  • Double Protection – Barrier PLUS antibacterial protection
    More than just a barrier- Also offers antibacterial protection to stop the scab causing bacteria before it becomes a problem!
  • Powerful but gentle
    Natural ingredients providing powerful protection without damaging the leg, working with the body’s natural defences
  • Supports skins natural oils & defences
    No harsh ingredients meaning it protects the legs ensuring the legs stay healthy & helps prevent scabs forming
  • Easy & Pleasant to use
    Comes in an easy to use economic pump bottle – a little goes a long way! There is also no need to wash of, simply wipe excess mud off and reapply.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Aromaheel
    Our Aroma-Mud is perfect for extending the protected area helping to prevent a further outbreak or spreading

What Is Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus For?

Aroma-Mud is the perfect preventative solution against wet and mud – providing complete waterproofing for your horse’s legs and heels when constantly exposed to wet and mud. Aroma-Mud offers additional anti-bacterial protection against bacteria found dwelling in the soil & on the skin’s surface – providing added support for the skin against any knocks, cuts and abrasions. Aroma-Mud is the perfect partner to use in conjunction with Aromaheel to apply around the area to prevent further outbreaks, or following on from Aromaheel to prevent future outbreaks. NB – If the skin is weepy or scabby, we recommend using Aromaheel in the first instance on these areas


How To Use Aroma-Mud Barrier Plus

  1. Apply to dry legs and rub through the hair ensuring complete coverage – A little goes a long way!
  2. Re-apply every 1-2 days dependent upon the severity of the ground conditions

The Aroma-mud can be applied to sore skin but if the skin is weepy or scabby, we recommend using Aromaheel ointment initially on these sore areas

If used in conjunction with Aromaheel, apply Aroma-Mud to the surrounding area to provide a continuation of protection, thus preventing further spread/outbreaks